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2017-03-25 08:40:21
Spring Conditions 
Memorial Classic & King of the Mountain Races today! Great spring day of skiing & snowboarding! 
Mon-Fri: 10a-5p 
Sat: 9a-5p; Sun:9a-4p 
Memorial Classic 10am King of the Mountain 1pm! 
Donations for lift tickets for all racers in both events! Proceeds to go to the Pine Mountain Race Fund! 
Hole Eighteen
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Double Black Diamond - Favor left center off the tee and bang it out there. The scorecard provides reach and carry information concerning the two rock tiers that are hidden from sight in the middle of the fairway. For your second shot, again favor left center, and choose a club that you are very comfortable with to carry both tiers. (remember, with a slightly downhill lie to aim more left of you intended target and move the ball back in your stance a bit). Although very wide, the green depth is shallow and it is usually slightly soft in the approach, therefore might not bounce on if you land short.


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